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Monday, November 28, 2005


The men in the building where I work are trainable! I've generally avoided blogging about the bathroom habits of the men in this building because they are just too tacky.

But today, I claim success! Here's the deal. There are 3 stalls in our men's room and one of them is oversized for handicap access. It seems to be the favorite of the newspaper readers. And generally, once each of the newspaper readers is done with their paper, they leave it on the floor of the stall. Pretty soon it looks like we are house-training a litter of puppies in our bathroom. Last week, I got the idea, and then located an excess trashcan and I put it in the stall. I seeded the new can with last week's papers and left it.

Today, the can is full of newspapers and there are no papers on the floor! Woo Hoo! Simply amazing. It will be interesting to see how long the trash can lasts before being relocated and the puppy training look returns to our stalls.

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